RCOM represents some of the most innovative technology leaders in the marketplace.


AMCO Enclosures & Racks

AMCO Enclosures is an IMS Engineered Products brand located in approximately 290,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Des Plaines, Illinois. Electronic packaging, server rack, network rack and containment manufacturing are our core competencies.

As an ISO9001 registered company, we strive to supply the highest quality electronic enclosure products; incorporating contemporary design, competitive prices and responsive support. Our goal is to ship every time – on time.


Anderson Power Products

Anderson Power Products® (APP®), is an international leader in high power interconnect solutions. In 1877, Anderson began as a small company in Boston, MA making innovative trolley and railway power designs. Today as a subsidiary of IDEAL® Industries our connectors are used around the world across many markets including: Telecom & IT Equipment, Motive Power, and Alternative Energy. We have manufacturing and distribution locations in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. APP offers a range of connectors to meet power, signal, & ground needs in protected or environmentally exposed applications. Industry leading OEM’s partner with APP for our superior custom design & qualification capabilities. Anderson Power Products is your best connection.


Bel Signal Transformer

Signal Transformer is known as the world's leader of wire wound magnetic solutions since 1959. With over 50 years of experience manufacturing transformers, chokes, inductors and custom or modified standard products. Signal offers not only the most comprehensive line of certified standard power conversion products, with our vast engineering, manufacturing and regulatory resources; Signal Transformer excels in the design and manufacturer of cost effective, specialized platforms.


Control Switches

Control Switches manufactures rotary cam switches, disconnect switches, contactors, push buttons and terminal blocks. Our rotary cam switches and our control panels are built to order in our California facility so if we don’t have what you need in stock, don’t worry.  Send us your specs and let us do the rest!


Crompton Instruments

Current Transformers & analog instrumentation. Since 1881, Crompton products have been closely associated with high quality technological developments in all aspects of electrical instrumentation. The Crompton range represents one of the largest product offerings of power measurement, control and protection instrumentation, for switchgear and generator set manufacturers, panel builders and OEMs. Crompton products offer proven reliability across a diverse array of industries including power generation, process control, test and measurement, utility, marine, defence and energy management applications.


Current Applications

Current Applications provides products such as custom brush & brushless motors, universal motors, permanent magnet motors, gear motors and armature & field sets. Regardless of volume, we offer complete motor, gear train and application design services to meet all your product needs. Don't settle for performance and mechanical specifications or deliveries that fail to meet your needs. All our products are built to UL requirements with flexible tooling and fixtures that reduce our setup and production lead times.


Enedo Power

Enedo Power designs and manufactures custom and standard DC power systems, AC/DC power supplies, and LED Drivers for a wide range of demanding industry applications including telecom, industrial, medical, lighting, utility, railway, and military. Enedo's story began in March 1975 in Finland. Since then, Enedo has grown from a six person engineering office to a global organization, operating on four continents and serving customers worldwide.


Enersys Battery

Our rich history dates back over 100 years to when our predecessor companies first began manufacturing batteries for industrial use. Today, we have grown to become a multibillion-dollar global industrial technology enterprise, delivering energy storage systems and solutions to customers across a wide range of industries and applications. With global manufacturing and operations serving over 10,000 customers in 100 countries, we are the recognized global leader for stored energy solutions and systems.


Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric develops IGBT modules designed to be used as switching elements for variable-speed drives, motors, uninterruptable power supplies and more. IGBT's have superior characteristics which combine the high-speed switching performance of power MOSFET's with the high-voltage/high-current handling capabilities of bipolar transistors.

Kristel Displays

Kristel Displays Logo.png

Kristel designs and manufactures cost effective, high resolution, custom display solutions. Open Frame LCD/OLED Displays, LCD/OLED subassemblies, LCD enhancements, High Bright and Sunlight Viewable Displays in metal or plastic enclosures. Our company specializes in designing custom displays that can function in difficult environments. Full design engineering specializing in thermal management and optical properties needed for the display industry. Kristel's monitors are currently being used in ATM, Gaming, Military, Point of Sale, Medical and many other specialized OEM applications.

Machtron Logo.png


Machtron Inc. focuses on precision machining and fabrication for the electronics industry. Their core business is Bonded Fin and Extruded heat sinks using various alloys. They also produce custom liquid cooled chill plates. They specialize in custom applications of any quantity, large or small.

Marathon Power

Marathon Logo.png

Marathon Power Inc. offers uninterruptible power supplies with a focus on OEM and niche markets, such as medical/healthcare, automation and process control, test and measurement, traffic control and other applications that require a specialized product. In addition to a standard range of customizable models, the company offers unique products such as the battery-less Supercapacitor UPS as well as various Ruggedized units.

Mechatronic Fan Group PNG  - circle logo 5-5-2022.png


Mechatronics Fan Group has been delivering thermal management solutions to a wide range of applications for over 25 years. Our extensive North American inventory, value-add assembly, technical sales, and design support teams will accelerate your time to market. Mechatronics is a thermal management leader supplying a broad range of standard and custom AC Fans, DC Fans, Blowers, impellers and accessories. Mechatronics provides the right solution on time with quality product to help our customers meet their goals.

Microtips USA


Microtips Technology is a leading custom LCD module manufacturer and we offer a full array of products and services. We have the most advanced display technologies available to use in your design and if there is anything you want to change about one of our displays, we can make it happen. All of our displays are fully customizable to your specification and can include extra features like a capacitive touchscreen, an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating, or custom cover glass. Our sales and engineering staff will be with you through the entire process and will ensure our LCD display and your end product look their very best.



Schaffner provides EMC filters, power magnetic components, power quality filters and the related services. Schaffner components are deployed in electronic motor controls, wind power and photovoltaic systems, rail technology applications, medical applications, machine tools and robots, electrical infrastructure and power supplies for electronic devices.

Selec Controls

Selec Logo.png

Selec Controls has inbuilt core competencies in the domains of manufacturing, design, tooling, and plastic manufacturing complying with global standards. They have unique innovative solutions with an unabating focus on customer-centric problems. Selec expanded their capabilities to accommodate a wide range of products in the portfolio incorporating the finest quality and service. They have an exemplary thought mechanism, which is centered around empathy and courage in our approach to propose smart solutions to our customers. 

SMC Diodes

SMC Logo.png

SMC Diode Solutions manufacturers and designs their own products which are widely accepted in both domestic and international markets. They follow rigorous qualification standards from large aerospace, communication, and consumer electronics suppliers that are known world-wide for both their superior products and within the industry for their exceptionally demanding supplier qualification teams. SMC is ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 qualified.

Sensata Technologies

sensata logo.png

Sensata Technologies is a leading industrial technology company that develops sensors, sensor-based solutions, including controllers and software, and other mission-critical products to create valuable business insights for customers and end users.

For more than 100 years, Sensata has provided a wide range of customized, sensor-rich solutions that address complex engineering requirements to help customers solve difficult challenges in the automotive, aircraft, industrial, heavy vehicle, off-road, HVAC and marine industries. 


Tamura Transformer

For almost 50 years, Tamura has been producing high quality and reliable transformers for infrastructure (transportation, elevators), Industrial machines (lathes & molding machines, UPS), Renewable energy (solar farm, hydro plants) and many other applications. Tamura manufactures power transformers, switching transformers, pulse transformers, factory automation machinery, choke coils, reactors and industrial transformers for various applications and customized for your needs.