Manufacturer's Representative

RCOM represents some of the most innovative technology leaders in the marketplace.

AMCO Enclosures
AMCO Enclosures manufactures metal cabinets and racks for electronics packaging, test systems, etc.

Anderson Power
Anderson Power Products (APP) manufactures standard and sealed DC power interconnect solutions.

Control Switches
Control Switches manufactures rotary cam switches, voltage change switches, motor disconnect switches, pushbuttons & E-stops.

Crompton Instruments
Crompton Instruments manufactures digital metering solutions, energy meters, current transformers, analog instrumentation and battery shunts.

Current Applications
Current Applications, Inc. designs products for customer specific applications regardless of volume.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye Power Solutions manufactures battery monitoring systems, battery chargers, portable testers and load banks.

Enersys Battery manufactures batteries for use in vehicles, recreational equipment, telecom, utility and UPS applications.

Fuji Electric manufactures IGBT modules, SiC devices and MOSFETs for use in applications such as variable-speed drives, motors, UPS and more.

Machtron manufactures extruded and bonded fin heat sinks.

Mechatronics manufactures AC & DC fans, blowers and impellers.

Schaffner manufactures EMI filters, filtered power entry modules, chokes and power quality solutions.

Sensata manufactures Crydom solid state relays, Cynergy3 reed relays & liquid level sensors, Kavlico pressure sensors, BEI Sensors rotary encoders & position sensors, AIRPAX circuit breakers, and GIGAVAC sealed DC contactors.

Shape LLC manufactures custom transformers and magnetic assemblies for a wide range of markets.

Storm Power
Storm Power Components manufactures electrical bus bars available in copper, aluminum, flexible and various laminated options.